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Product Sampling - V8 V-Fusion+Energy

+kam was engaged to manage the activation of a sampling program for V8's V-Fusion+Energy.  This program took place in Health Clubs in major markets throughout the US.  In addition to managing the execution of all events, +kam took lead on planning logistics, production, scheduling, brand ambassador selection and training.  +kam also produced a video that showed the program in action (view below).

Special importance was placed on effective messaging to consumers.  While trying the product for themselves to discover the great taste, consumers were able to learn about what makes V8's V-Fusion+Energy different and why they should care.  Coupons were also distributed to encourage consumers to seek out and purchase the product.  By overseeing the introduction of an immediate trial and education opportunity into an environment that aligned the product with target consumers, +kam helped to get V8 V-Fusion+Energy into the hands and habits of their ideal customer.

4 1/2 Weeks

102 Events

5 Markets

40,788 Samples Distributed

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